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Growing solutions that address the climate crisis and accelerate the transition to a net-zero world

Governments around the world are implementing policies to reduce their carbon emissions footprint to meet the guidelines of the Paris Climate Agreement.


Financial incentives and putting a price on carbon are widely viewed as some of the best ways to reducing global carbon emissions by designating a set monetary value for a single ton of carbon released into the atmosphere. This encourages the greatest amount of improvement at minimal cost for society. 


Our Focus

Klimaworks Ventures grows market driven investment solutions and business ventures in the global carbon and environmental markets that strive for climate positive impacts and help reduce overall carbon emissions.  

Our team has an extensive track record in structuring and risk managing complex investment solutions at leading investment banks and a multi-billion asset manager.


Working together to tackle the climate crisis

At Klimaworks Venture we believe that success can only be realised through public, private and civil society coming together. 

Together with our clients and partners we strive for making carbon markets work for faster climate action. 

The global race to zero is on. It’s a race we all win, or lose, together.

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