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About Us.
What We Do.

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Real Estate &
Infrastructure Capital 

We  arrange tailored debt, equity, and liquidity solutions to empower your sustainable real estate, infrastructure, and climate tech ventures

What We Do

Access to Alternative Sources of Debt and Equity

Klimaworks is a capital placement and asset finance advisory business, specializing in assisting real estate owners, infrastructure investors, and climate tech pioneers in maximizing their investment and development ventures through expertly tailored debt, mezzanine, and equity capital solutions.


We deliver financing and liquidity solutions for private markets sponsors and investors, expertly arranging debt and crafting equity solutions across the Western European real estate and infrastructure markets. Our institutional-grade services are delivered by a highly experienced team overseeing the entire transaction process, from inception to drawdown and beyond.

How We Deliver

With teams in London and Hong Kong, Klimaworks has extensive expertise in developing structured capital solutions. Such solutions both minimize higher-cost equity by achieving maximum leverage and blend senior and sub-debt at various leverage levels, together creating the most efficient cost of capital for clients.


We leverage our distinctive vertical structuring and horizontal syndication capabilities to tranche debt facilities among various risk profiles, resulting in optimal structure, pricing, and terms.


Financing Volume

Award-winning team specializing in real estate and infrastructure finance, securing $30 billion across various capital structures for real asset projects



Two decades of experience building relationships with investors, lenders, and borrowers in 25 countries


Debt & Equity Partners

Established relationships with over 450 traditional and alternative sources of capital in an ever-evolving and complex capital market


Years Track Record

Over 20 years of track record across the UK and Western Europe, securing optimal funding solutions and enhancing financing terms

Selected Transactions

Our team has sourced funding and structured complex transactions for some of the largest real estate and infrastructure projects in Europe with traditional lenders and alternative sources of global capital. 

z. T Center.jpg

T-Center, Vienna, Austria

z. Newgate.jpg

The Newgate, London, UK

101 b One Grand Parade.jpg

One Grand Parade, Dublin, Ireland

101 b Penkun.png

Biomass BioEnergy Park, Krackow, Germany

z. Lion Plaza.jpg

Lion Plaza, London, UK


Saturn Tower, Vienna, Austria

101 b Lavansol.jpg

Lavansol Solar, Provence, France

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Global Transportation Funds

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